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    Hi, Can't activate my Master Collection CS6 trial with my cc account...


      Hello, I have on my computer the CS6 Master collection trial version since a few days,

      i subscribed to a creative cloud and installed Application manager. It tells me some apps ares installed and other arent ! (ex: after effect is installed and photoshop isn't !!! but they are in my Master cs6 trial !) its a little bit wird...

      then, when i launch after effect it tells me to activate, log in my adobe account and ask me for a serial (like many other people on the forum).

      Do i need to uninstall all Master Collection and reinstall apps one by one with the app manager ???


      Im on a Windows7 x64 PC from France with a CS6 Master collection trial in french


      a last little thing : "premiere pro CS6 family" is a group of apps or a different app of "premiere pro cs6 "


      apologize my english. Hope i'll be able to use this fabulous CS6 soon !!!!!