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    Color values and matching

    BWScott Level 1

      I am struggling with how you match colors in Speedgrade. I see that if you click on the image you get a chart that lists RGB and HLS values. (I do not see this feature listed in te documentation anywhere. The chart actually seems to show 2 setes of values and the 2 colors stacked above eachother - image added:


      It is a little unclear what these values are. At times they appear to be corrected and uncorrected values, but not always. I cannot find a way to compare 2 color values. Since I am using a Wacom, I can't create 2 playheads to see 2 images at the same time, so that may provide a way.


      What is the workflow to compare colors and set one to match the other. Most other clor programs have a method for this.