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    Missing Formats (.mov, image seq, mpeg, etc) in AME CS6 and CS6.01


      AME CS6 even with the update 6.01 is still missing formats such as Quicktime, all of the image sequnce formats(png, jpg, tga, etc), Mpegs the list just goes on.


      I have CS6 Master collection full installed

      Quicktime x

      FCP 7 pro with suite

      Avid MC6

      and all the codecs a proffesional editor would need.


      I have already re installed CS6 3x (nothing changed so if anyone suggest a re install i will just assume you are stupid and cant read english)

      AE and Pr both give me all the formats including, Quicktime, all of the image sequnce formats(png, jpg, tga, etc), Mpegs.

      I have checked the contents of AME which has all of the required import and export bundles associated with these formats but the programs still refuses to give them as options.


      Spending the last few days trying to find a solution and all i can find is typical basic level support from adobe and other sources

      Yes adobe my computer is plugged in.


      yes adobe i did spend a hefty chunk of change for a Creative suite that has more issues out the box than i would care to waste my time detailing them all.


      My questions is Adobe


      Do you know what is causing this issue?

      Do you have a solution to this issue?

           If so is it in the form of an update or at least instructions on how a user can fix your issue?

           update 6.01 is not a solution if you were going to suggest that. ( i have applied this update each time with re install of MC CS6)