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    How can I add black footage?

    daveujn Newcomer

      How can I add approx 10 minutes of black footage to the end of a project.

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          The option to create black video is  under the New Item button on the Project Media panel.


          This panel is called different things in different versionsof the program and this button is located at various places on various versions of the program. In version 10, then panel is called Media and is on the Project tab. The New Item button is one of the buttons along the top left of the panel.


          For more information on these types of tools, check out my book on Amazon.


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            the_wine_snob Legend

            Note: when you do use New Icon>Black Video (it's in the list with Tone & Bars, etc.), the Black Video will be created to the Stills Duration, set in Edit>Preferences>General>Still Image Duration, but don't worry about that. When on the Timeline, just click+drag on the Tail of that Black Video Clip, and extend it for the desired Duration.


            Good luck,



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              daveujn Newcomer

              Thanks for your reply, will try it out. Just out of interest I am doing this for the purpose of marking the disc at the end of the playing time (where the black section will be) in the hope of stopping it being copied. Would it work ?


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                the_wine_snob Legend



                I do not see how 10 mins. of Black Video will have any impact on Copy Protection, but maybe I am missing something. Can you explain how that is supposed to help with Copy Protection - something that is not really available on any burned discs, and is a special set-up for Replicated discs, at a replication house.


                I had rather assumed that you have a 10 min. song, that you wanted to have play, after the screen went black, but I see that is not the intent.


                Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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                  nealeh Rockstar

                  daveujn wrote:


                  for the purpose of marking the disc at the end of the playing time


                  If by 'marking' you mean physically damaging the disk in the black area, be very careful. If your marking leaves any rough spots they could damage the drives laser.


                  I also don't think it will work as a copy protection. It might trip up Windows Explorer, but utility software for disk copying will usually give the option to treat damaged sectors as blank.


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                    the_wine_snob Legend

                    Ah, now I think that I understand what the OP was thinking of. Thanks for that Neale. I had never considered that.


                    I agree with the potential for messing things up badly.


                    I would instead add a Title at the beginning, and probably at the end, stating that the material was ©, and not to be reproduced for any purpose.


                    Now, in some full-featured authoring programs, one can create a Menu with that © notice (often called the "FBI Warning"), and take away the viewer's ability to skip that, or FFD through that. HOWEVER, so many users hate that lack of control, with such a passion, that I would urge any author to strongly consider doing something like that. PrE cannot take away control, can cannot do a Play First, before the Main Menu, but many other authoring apps. can. Some do allow the author to deny control of that Play First to the viewer, but the caveat remains - most people hate that, and are very passionate about that hatred.



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                      daveujn Newcomer

                      I have read through various forums that if you add some black footage at the end of your dvd project and scratch the disk, the computer will not be able to read it all, will read it as an error and therefore not copy the disc. Although it will still be watchable.



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                        the_wine_snob Legend

                        Before I started delivering such discs, especially if the client is paying for them, I woud test, test and re-test.


                        I would also assemble several test DVD and BD players from ultra-cheapie bargain-basement brands/models, up to some very high-end units, and test the discs in them.


                        Now, I have been able to Copy some scratched discs using ImgBurn, and one of my two multi-drives - some multi-drives do better with damaged discs, than others. Those were for straight storage (not DVD-Videos), or installation discs.


                        Will any of your clients ever need to play the discs on a computer?


                        Good luck, and I would not sell a single disc, until I knew that this rather crude form of Copy Protection worked, and did not totally limit playback. Nothing worse than angry clients, holding bad DVD's, at your door.



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                          daveujn Newcomer

                          Absolutely. It's not a commercial venture, but the disc is for a family member and I would like to keep it personal to them rather than various others wanting copies.

                          It,s a long story.


                          So will the process work? And also as nealeh mentioned could it damage the laser?



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                            the_wine_snob Legend

                            So will the process work?

                            I have no idea, as I have never tried it. Seems that a long time ago, I heard mention of something like that, but it WAS a long time ago, and I never followed up, as I just place a © notice on a Title at the beginning, and on the DVD case, or printed on the front of the DVD itself.


                            I'd go to the forum, where you saw this method mentioned, and post, asking if there any downsides, and how the folk, using it, overcame them.


                            Personally, I would just put a notice on the DVD to "Please Do Not Duplicate," and trust the family, but as it's a "long story," that might not be enough?


                            Good luck, and please update the thread, when you get some answers.



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                              daveujn Newcomer

                              Thanks for everyone's input.Will look into it a bit further and update on this thread.


                              Many thanks.