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    Strange duplicate files showing up

    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I primarily develop in PHP running MAMP on my Mac for the testing server. For a few months now I'm getting all kinds of duplicate files showing up as I'm editing and testing on my local server. This never happened before.


      Here's my usual workflow. The testing server folder is set to the same folder that I use for my site folder. I have two reasons for this. When the testing server folder and the site folder are the same I can just go to localhost/mySite and see everything working without loading up files to a different testing server. It's much easier and uses less disk space than having duplicate files.


      Second reason, when I'm working on debugging pages a simple save / option tab / and refresh gets me to the page much faster than when I have a separate testing server folder setup and have to use Option+F12 to upload the file and render it.


      The bug that's popped up is the generation of duplicate files. For example, while working on main.php, when I look at or edit a record set I often end up with a file called main_QFK9H5ZWYH.php or something similar in the folder. This file is not used for an f12 preview, never shows up in any localhost previews, and, as far as I can tell is never used by Dreamweaver for anything. The only thing that happens is my site folder fills up with a bunch of files that do not need to be used for anything, clutter up the directory, and unless I'm very careful, end up getting uploaded to the server as just a bunch of junk.


      Anyone else seeing this? I thought for a while that it was a preferences setting that I fouled up. Deleting the preferences file and starting over didn't solve the problem.


      This was especially problematic today as I was going through the entire site prior to publishing and I ended up with more than 40 duplicate files. For the main.php file I ended up with 6 versions in less than 5 minutes of testing. I'd love to shut off whatever is causing this.


      One last thing. It makes no difference whether I'm editing on my laptop or on the desktop at home, or on a Windows machine at the clients office.


      Thanks for any ideas.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          61 views and no replies. I guess I'm the only one that's seen this error.

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            Rick, I've never personally heard of this issue myself.  If you go to Dreamweaver->Preferences->Preview in browser, you are saying that "Preview using temporary file" is not checked off?  That's the only way I could see DW making those files.  Otherwise, only other thing that would come to mind off the top of my head is that there is a permissions issue in the filesystem causing DW to make new fiels because it cannot overwrite the originals.  Can you run a Repair Permissions on your system to make sure this is not an issue?


            Lastly, can you post the OSX version and DW version for reference.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yup, preview in secondary browser is turned off. Further testing reveals that if I have a scripting error or I use shortcuts CMND/Option to bring up a direct link to CSS, or if I try and edit an existing recordset from the bindings panel I'm very likely to get a new temp file. It's never opened in an edit window and the temp file never shows up in the site preview unless I browse directly to it.


              Weird and annoying for sure. When I get this intranet site completed I'll try and diagnose the problem. No time in the day to do that right now. Deadlines and family commitments don't leave me with the spare hour or so I'll need to figure out what's going on.


              OSX 10.7.4   Dreamweaver CS6 Version 12.0 Build 5808


              No errors in premissions. Ran a repair anyway. No change.


              Also, as per my other post, Dreamweaver is doing this on 3 different systems. A Dell laptop running Windows Ultimate, my iMac and my MacBook Pro.

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                I have a similar problem with Dreamweaver CS6 editing PHP recordsets.  When you edit any elements of the recordset DW CS6 is placing the revised PHP code below the edited and hopefully deleted code.  This renders an error.  Can't believe that this problem has not lite up this forum.


                Googling the problem shows very few references.


                Bob Sorenson