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    Branching view and rollover slidelets




      One of my menus has rollover slidelets to help the learner find the tutorial that best suits him, each with a link to the assiocated tutorial. Unfortunately, the branched scenarios do not appear under the branching view, that is, the links are not taken into account by Captivate as if there were no link to these tutorials.


      This view is very useful for people who start working on the project and I would like it to be as helpful as possible.


      Using Captivate 6.





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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Is this a question? And to which event is the action 'Jump to ...' attached? Or are you talking about opening another CP-file?


          Branching view is bit limited, I agree, but normal branching within a project will be visible there, as well as all other navigation possibilities. Navigation that occurs based on advanced actions will not be visible.



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            bbc01 Level 1

            Yes, and thank you for your quick response. Let me be more precise.


            My menu slide has a few rollover slidelets. Each rollover area is a link to another slide, that is, the click action is a 'Jump to...'.


            My problem is that these links don't show up in the branching view, thus leaving me with many isolated slides instead of a nice picture of my project.


            On the contrary, menu slides which use buttons are perfectly linked with the sub-slides in the branching view. I would like rollover slidelets to have the same behaviour.

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Rollover slidelets are not classed as true interactive objects in Captivate because they have no Success or Failure state.


              I suggest that if you want your menu slide to show up in the branching view then use rollover captions or rollover images with click boxes placed directly UNDERNEATH each rollover object.  Then you can program the click boxes to branch to whatever slide you need ON Success.

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                bbc01 Level 1

                Okay, not as elegant as I would like but that will do the trick.


                Thank you for this suggestion.