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    Fail to render (export, share) in PE7


      I am running Premiere Elements 7 on a Windows Vista PC. When

      attempting to share (export) a finished project (e.g., using flash and

      quicktime formats), it either crashes upon hitting "save" or goes

      through the rendering process only to crash seconds before it is

      finishes.  Gives the error message: "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe has

      stopped working..." I have made about 15 attempts.  Restarted my

      computer numerous times, and it is failing everytime. This started a

      few days ago.  Previously, it worked.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which settings did you select? If you selected the best settings for your video, you will NOT see a red line above the video when you add it to your timeline. (Although, in older versions, like version 7, AVCHD may also show red lines.)


          Selecting the correct project settings is vital to a successful project.


          Also having adequate space on your hard drive (at least 20-30 gigs free, clean and defragmented). How much free, clean, defragged space is on your C drive?

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            DaveW312 Level 1

            It was working fine until a few days ago.  I am using a Sony Handycam avchd format.  I have a few hunderd gigs of free space on the drive.  Would saving the project to an external hard drive make a difference?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I would start with this ARTICLE on PrE Crashes & Hangs. It begins with a general checklist of things that will assure PrE can run its best. Next, it goes into tuneup tips for both the computer and the OS. Finally, it offers links for troubleshooting. In that group of links, is Finding Clues, and afer the first two parts have been studied, I would definitly follow that link, and check the Event Viewer, to find clues as to what is happening, when the program crashes, or hangs.


              Good luck,



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                DaveW312 Level 1

                Thank you for your suggestions and questions. 


                I continue having problems exporting (sharing) to the QuickTime format.  Upon hitting the "Save" button, PE7 mostly crashes and yields the message, " Adobe Premiere Elements.exe has stopped working..."  Occasionally, it will finish the rendering process, but when I play back the video on QuickTime, it goes haywire: the video starts out playing just fine then goes inverted, images begin to scroll left, etc..


                When I hit the "save" button to begin the export (sharing) process, I always get a warning, "Adobe Premiere Elements is running very low on system memory..."


                I have tried two customized QuickTime presets:

                Frame width: 1440

                Frame height: 1080

                also tried

                Frame width: 1280

                Frame height: 720



                Frame rate: 29.97

                Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD anamorphic 1080 and also tried Square Pixels

                Audio AAC 44kHz Stereo


                My Project settings: General:

                Editing mode: HDV 1080i

                Timebase: 29.97

                Frame size: 1440 x 1080

                Display format: 30 fps Drop-Frame Timecode

                Audio Sample Rate: 48Khz


                Here are some of my system stats:


                Camcorder: Sony HDR-SR5

                Video Signal: AVCHD format 1440x1080/60i


                Windows Vista (32 bit system)

                Adobe Premiere Elements 7 (stored on my C-drive)

                C-drive capacity: 78.4GB of free space and 289 GB total capacity


                The video files that I am editing are saved on an external hard drive with 344 GB free space and 931 GB total capacity


                Computer (purchased in 2007): HP Pavilion Media Center m8120n TV PC with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series graphics card.


                If you notice any issues with the above, your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                Thank you.

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                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                  I am wondering why you decided not to use the AVCHD HD 1080i 30 project preset. That seems like a better fit than the HDV 1080i 30 preset, which is for MPEG-2 video. But I'm pretty sure that's beside the point.


                  There is one thing that might help. Before sharing to a file, exit from Premiere Elements, and then start it again and load the project again, but don't play anything back. Just go right to sharing. Version 7 seems to run low on resources rather quickly, and may be in an unstable state by time it gets to the end of rendering your video. By not doing any editing or playing back previews beforehand, some resources may be saved.


                  It may also be necessary to go back to an earlier version of Quicktime.

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                    DaveW312 Level 1

                    I forgot to say that I have also set the customized QuickTime preset Bitrate at 2000 kbps.  I believe my customized presets are a factor in my failure to export (share) successfully.

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                      DaveW312 Level 1

                      I am slowly working my way through the check lists.  Encouraging news.  Starting with the PE7 QuickTime export preset for Local Area Netwok, I customized the Frame width to 1280 and height to 720 and lowered my previously set bitrate to 1000kbps and the file rendered successfully.  However, the image quality was not very good (blurry).  Increasing the bitrate beyond 1000 crashes the system.  I am guessing it requires too much memory to run. Is there a good spec for QuickTime export settings for avchd video?  I am wondering if there is a better codec than the H.264 for this purpose.


                      Thanks for all your help.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I wish that I had some suggestions for you, but seldom work in QT output. I Import a lot of QT [Animation CODEC], but just do not do anything going out.


                        For the system crashes, I agree with your assumption, that it's a resource issue. Now, "resources" encompass several things: Installed RAM, HDD space for both Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) and Scratch Disks for PrE, how the Page File is managed and its size, and the state of tune of the OS and the computer. I would definitely look at the middle portion of that PrE Crashing article, and follow the links, to see if there is something that can free up resources for use by PrE. Simple things, like other programs and processes using CPU cycles, Page File space and RAM.


                        In the last part of that article, there are links to help find clues and address the causes of the crashes. I would definitely look to Event Viewer to see what is going on, when the system crashes.


                        Good luck,



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                          DaveW312 Level 1

                          My failure to export seems to be the fault of a title slide I have running the length of the video.  I have a still title that just shows a simple text message along the bottom of the video.  When I eliminate the title, the project exports to QuickTime.  When I have the title, even a blank test title, it fails to export successfully.  Not sure what to do at this point except buy a new computer and upgrade to PE10.  Any suggestions would be most helpful.  Thank you.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            That is an interesting observation. Apparently, PrE is having trouble with synthetic Video, like that Title. Titles, Black Video, Bars & Tones, etc. are synthetic Video.


                            Now, I have never encountered any problem with synthetic Video. I use Titles, such as you describe, with logos on them, that run almost the entire Duration of my Timeline. I also use a lot of Titles in most Projects, and have never had an issue with either Rendering, or Export/Share. I also use a lot of Transparent Video (not available in PrE, but only PrPro), also for logos, or for the TimeCode Effect, where the Timeline's TimeCode is displayed over the video.


                            As a test, I would do a test Project, that mirrors the one, with which you are having the problem. Do not Import any Video, or Still Images. Just go to the New Icon, and choose Black Video. Drag that to the Timeline, and then click+drag on its Tail, to increase the Duration to about what you have in the troublesome Project. Then, recreate that Text Title, and place it on Video Track 2, above the Black Video. Click+drag on it, to increase its Duration, to match that of the Black Video. You now have one long Title, over one long Black Video Clip - both synthetic Video. Can you Render, and then Export/Share that fully synthetic Video Timeline? Please report on this test.


                            I can not imagine what would be the problem with synthetic Video. Maybe others will have experience with such problems, or have more ideas on how to handle this problem.


                            Good luck, and wish that I had more.



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                              DaveW312 Level 1

                              I'm not sure I have a "Black Video" option on PE7.  I did two tests, hopefully as you intended.  The first test, I created a new project and, without adding any video, I inserted a still title with the "add text" default into the Video 1 timeline.  I was able to export that into QuickTime, no problem.  Then, I added a dublicate title and inserted that into Video Track 2, on top of the orignial title.  It failed to export.  I tried it twice.  The first time it froze PE7 during the export/rendering/sharing process.  I restarted PE7 and repeated the export process and it froze again.  Failure to export. 

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                For the Black Video, you do have it, but I think that your tests indicate that the computer is maxing out with two Video Tracks. First, for the Black Video, look in the Project Panel (Edit>Project), and in the upper-right you have the New Icon. It has a drop-down, and will reveal Black Video, Bars & Tone, Color Matte, etc.


                                Now, if the computer is choking on the two Video Tracks, it is probably time to list your full computer specs., your Project Preset, and any Source Footage info - see this ARTICLE for tips.


                                Good luck,



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                                  DaveW312 Level 1

                                  Thanks for your suggestions. Encouraging news, moving the video and title up one track worked once, then after failed a few times requiring a restart of PE7, it finally worked again, however on the second run, the title slide disappeared for a split second.


                                  When I go to hit save, in the lower right corner I get a handful of "conforming autumn_leaves_prv.mpg" messages. There are 3 or 4 different conforming files "scary_holloween" and some others that take place and seem to freeze PE7.


                                  I posted my computer and project specs in the original post.  Do you think I have done something wrong with the project settings or that it is time for a new computer?

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    Now I see those in Reply #4. My bad, I kept looking at the initial post, and then the last ones, and missed many Replies in the middle. Sorry about that.


                                    I'll go back to Reply #4, and see if I missed something there, as it has been a while, since I read over the specs.


                                    Good luck,