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    Problem loading images in adobe bridge html photo gallery


      Can someone please, please help me!? I can not figure out why the images will not load in my adobe bridge html photo gallery cs5. I am not getting any error messages in Firefox and just the x in internet explorer.


      Here is the link to the gallery page on the site: http://www.irishwetlands.ie/Gallery.html


      I created the gallery as a html file for compatibality reasons due to accesbility issues with flash, and followed the general insturctions. The gallery folder is called wetlandsgallery and it is loading everything style-wise except the images themselves.

      I then made the gallery within an iframe so it would be more similar to the other pages on the site and contain the menu bar - but no change on the lack of images!


      Having looked around online I think it might be something to do with the bin folder?? Does this have some secutity somewhere thats protecting the images? I am also unsure if I filled in the FTP info correctly when creating the site as I was  getting the message "could not connect to FTP server" so I had to copy over the file from my hard drive to the server provider files. All the tutortials say to load your gallery and no mention of what to do when it won't connect to FTP server.


      If you could also tell me how to edit the image sizes that would be a great help too, as any size changes I make to either the bin/large or bin/thumnail images makes no difference in what appears in the preview?


      Help would be very greatfully appreciated as I am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out with no sucess and a possible bald patch!


      Thanks in advance,


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          MurraySummers Level 8

          This is the link to one of the missing images -


          <a href="content/_8686627884_large.html" onclick="return needThumbImgLink;">

          <img src="content/bin/images/thumb/_8686627884.jpg" id="ID0_1339410094003_thumb" alt="9 Spine Stickleback">



          When you look on the remote site, is the image IN that location?

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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hello Áine,


            1. Is it really necessary to comment out this part in your source code?


            <!--<p><img src="images/GalleryImages/Gallery1_

                            -----stuff del-----

                            Grasshopper" title="Grasshopper" />

                             </p><br />-->


            Using your source code without these things I could see some of your images.


            2. Looking to your website with my IE8 into image 7 (e.g.) I saw this:




            what means there is a reference to a html file, not to an image. ???


            3. Here it becomes interesting (completely contrary to my point 2.), looking for your path:

            http://www.irishwetlands.ie/images/GalleryImages/Gallery1_Selection%20of%20IRWC%20members% 20at%20the%20Gearagh.jpg


            I can see this image in my IE8 (some people in front of a "wetland". But still I've to assume (as Murray already did too), that there is something wrong with your upload and the pathes.


            4. Allow me to make one brief point, we talked about here on several occasions:  please don't use spaces in image, folders or filenames. I'll quote Murray: In general, URL encoding spaces does not lead to problems. ... Whatever the details are, though, using spaces in filenames or paths is a bad practice which WILL lead to problems.


            5. What concerns the image sizes, maybe later (I didn't understand your question correctly I fear). There is still my language barrier, I'm sorry.



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              irishwetlands Level 1


              Thank you for your help!


              The file/images location is a bit confusing to me as adobe bridge made these files as part of the programe when I created the gallery. The code you are looking at was created by the programme, but from what I can see:


              The Content folder contains a html page created for every image with the styling boxes, title, next, prev etc.


              The Bin folder > Images  > Thumb and Large folders. Both of these folder have the same contents - the jpeg images. What I think is happening is the Thumbnail is used to create the images when  viewed in the index set of 9, and the Large folder contains the jpeg image source for the images when viewed individually.


              The code above is: image 1 (Sticklebacks) in index of 9, showing html for this index and the source image from the thumb folder; [then if you click on that image it goes to wetlandsgallery/content/index.html which is the individual image sourced from the large folder and displayed on the content html page;] then if I click again on the individual image I am returned to the index. (Hope you can follow that!)


              So the file directions seem to be ok and they work in the preview.

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                irishwetlands Level 1


                Thank you for your help too!


                1. Yes that code works okay for static images which is what I had before and served the purpose but did not look particurally impressive. Now I want to make a gallery so the committee can continue to add more images to the site now and into the future. I was too afraid to delete the old code until I have the gallery working properly - just in case!!


                2. As explained above (or at least I tried to explain!) the bridge made html files to represent each of the images as it is displayed on screen. So that link at image 7 will take you to a html file sourcing the large individual image.


                3. You are probably right about the problem being with the uploads and paths - its very confusing! I had thought about renaming the image files but I was concerned that if I did that with out understanding what the code is doing then I could mess it all up!


                http://www.irishwetlands.ie/images/GalleryImages/Gallery1_Selection%20 of%20IRWC%20members%20at%20the%20Gearagh.jpg

                That particular code you mentioned is from the old static images I had sitting on the page. I have those images in a different file location within the site (images/GalleryImages), kept seperate from the confusing bridge created gallery (/wetlandsgallery).


                4. Caught cutting corners here! The images were sent by different members of the group and I never renamed the files! I just put them all into a folder! Gernerally I don't use spaces myself; if I start changing the names now will that cuase more problems?


                5. Image size: I have noticed that the gallery is too large for the page but I have tried resizing the images and resizing the gallery dimensions in the CSS but no change seem to occurr on the page - I might just remove the sidebar so it fits on the page.


                Well if you can follow all that I would say your English is pretty good!


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                  I am having the exact same issue. When I upload my photos it comes up as a broken file. Why is this? What should be going into the FTP Server and Foler?

                  Screen shot 2012-06-14 at 11.21.39 AM.png

                  I'd like to add that when I am using flash there is no issue at all. However I need to use HTML for a project.


                  This is the link with the broken picture files:  http://www.aareps.com/presentation/web_gallery_test_01/

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                    irishwetlands Level 1



                    glad its not just me! I tried renaming one of the images to see if I could find out where the problem was but that didn't work either.


                    I followed these insturctions to put the gallery into one of my own html files so my menu/side bar would be included: http://foundationphp.com/tutorials/gallery/embed1.php

                    No mention of this problem though as he used Flash.


                    Adobe help instructions are:

                    To upload your gallery via FTP, open the Create Gallery drawer. Enter an FTP Server address, User Name, Password, and Folder destination. Then, click Upload.


                    Note: When typing the server path, use slashes for designating directories. Check with your web hosting provider to verify the path for accessing your public folder on the web server.


                    Note: Adobe Bridge adds characters to the text you enter in the Password field after you click or press Tab to go to another field. Adobe Bridge adds these characters for security reasons.


                    Here is what I typed but it looks different to yours! I wasn't sure what to enter and tried a few different things but this is the only ftp info that looked like an ftp server address:


                    I never get a connection when I click upload and had to copy the file from my hard drive onto the server.



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                      irishwetlands Level 1

                      Sorry, here is the screeen shot:


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                        hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Hello Áine,


                        back from a short journey I'll try to answer your last question.


                        Concerning the upload: if it is not possible otherwise, it could help to ask your provider. Sometimes they have restrictions, that we do not know.


                        To use Adobe's troubleshoot: http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/troubleshoot-ftp-issues-dreamweaver-cs5.html.


                        BUT in all these cases I'm not a friend of a detailed troubleshooting. It is one of the reasons why I prefer an external FTP program. The difficulties with which you have to fight encourage me in this opinion, not least because we always search for experts, we don't charge a "jack of all trades".


                        For this reason, to manage, for example, several websites or to upload my files and sometimes for the opposite way, for a necessary download from my server or to use a "a site-wide synch", I'm using FileZilla. It simply looks easier for me to keep track of all operations precisely and generate or reflect easily the desired tree structure.


                        Above all, FileZilla has a feature (translation from my German FileZilla) called "compare file list". Here it's possible to use file size or modification time as a criterion. There is also the possibility to "hide identical files", so that only these files which you want to redact remain visible.


                        And even if it means you have to install a new program, I am convinced that there is an advantage. Here is the link to get it and where you can read informations about how it works:

                        http://filezilla-project.org/ and http://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Tutorial#Using_the_site_manager


                        Mac: Mac OS X



                        Of course, you also need all the access data to reach your server.


                        Good luck


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                          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                          did you really upload a directory "images/GalleryImages/"? If yes, I fear I've to repeat my original recommendation to delete the blanks!


                          Searching for: "http://www.irishwetlands.ie/images/GalleryImages1_Selection of IRWC members at the Gearagh.jpg" my browser answers with:


                          http://www.irishwetlands.ie/images/GalleryImages/Gallery1_Selection%20of%20IRWC%20members% 20at%20the%20Gearagh.jpg



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                            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                            whats about these "html"? Is that correct? No images > "jpg".


                            http://www.irishwetlands.ie/wetlandsgallery/content/bin/images/large/_0086423411.html eg.