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    PDFs for Android

    jamie.dunmore Level 1

      Am I right in thinking that if I publish a folio with PDF stacks on Google Play, the folio won't download because Android devices don't support PDFs?


      If so, is there a solution for being able to publish folios that contain PDFs to Android, which have already been published to the iPad?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Android devices will not support the PDF format in the folio. You'll need to create a separate rendition.



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            Tristan @ The Saints Level 1

            Hi Jamie,


            The PDF to Folio converter solves your problem.


            The PDF to Folio converter allows you to take an existing pdf and turn it into a digital magazine application.

            The workflow is very simple and extremely fast. Upload an exising pdf to the PDF to Tablet website. The PDF

            is converted into a Folio file and will be placed in your Adobe DPS account. The digital magazine application

            has all functionalities such as navigating by swiping the pages, zooming in on pages by the pinch and release

            gesture, a table of contents and the landscape and portrait mode.


            If you send me an e-mail I can send you the product sheet.


            Best regards,


            Tristan van Doorn

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              Ediz Caliskan Level 1



              i have an urgent question about publishing on android devives.

              in the dps help document under folio preference there is "When you publish content, two settings determine whether a folio is a rendition or a different issue. These settings are Folio Name and Size. The Folio Name values for the different renditions must be the same, and the Size values must be different."


              i recreated the folio in jpg format from the content i had as pdf doc (for ipad) to be able to publish in Android devices. (the same Folio size)


              i kept the Folio name and the publisher name and folio numbers etc the same as the one i did for ipad.


              my android device doesnt see the newly created app (for android). what can i do for this, very urgent. thanks for the help

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                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                You need to specify a different folio size for the Android rendition. If you use the same aspect ratio  (4:3), you can import the files easily.

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                  Ediz Caliskan Level 1

                  I want to publish a folio (with dimensions 768x1024) in PDF format for iPad and in JPEG format for Android devices (since they don't support PDF).

                  How should I do this? Are there any important steps I shouldnt miss.

                  PS: I created an app for trial purpose. I published three 768x1024 folios both in PDF format and in JPEG format. Then I see 3 folios on the iPad (as I wanted) and 6 folios on Samsung Galaxy (it should be 3 folios – here's the problem).



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                    Ediz Caliskan Level 1


                    The first picture is wrong


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                      Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                      Folio renditions must have a different Size value. If you create, say, 1025x768 folios and source files, those renditions will appear only on Android devices. The easiest thing to do is to use the same aspect ratio as the iPad rendition so you can import the same source files.

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                        Ediz Caliskan Level 1

                        Thank you Bob,

                        1025x768 folio prepare for your Android device, try