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    How can I loop instead of hardcoding this info

    goodychurro1 Level 1

      Hi all

      I have the following code, how can I cfloop and dynamically output this info instead of having to have each meeting time? Thanks


      <cfselect name="MEETINGTIME" width="90" label="Time"onchange="UsersGrid.dataProvider.editField(UsersGrid.selectedIndex, 'MEETINGTIME', MEETINGTIME.selectedItem.data);">

                              <option value="None">None</OPTION>

                                  <option value="05:30 AM">05:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="06:00 AM">06:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="06:30 AM">06:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="07:00 AM">07:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="07:30 AM">07:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="08:00 AM">08:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="08:30 AM">08:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="09:00 AM">09:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="09:30 AM">09:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="10:00 AM">10:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="10:30 AM">10:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="11:00 AM">11:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="11:30 AM">11:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="12:00 AM">12:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="12:30 AM">12:30 AM</option>

                                  <option value="01:00 AM">01:00 AM</option>

                                  <option value="12:00 PM">12:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="12:30 PM">12:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="01:00 PM">01:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="01:30 PM">01:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="02:00 PM">02:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="02:30 PM">02:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="03:00 PM">03:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="03:30 PM">03:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="04:00 PM">04:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="04:30 PM">04:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="05:00 PM">05:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="05:30 PM">05:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="06:00 PM">06:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="06:30 PM">06:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="07:00 PM">07:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="07:30 PM">07:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="08:00 PM">08:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="08:30 PM">08:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="09:00 PM">09:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="09:30 PM">09:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="10:00 PM">10:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="10:30 PM">10:30 PM</option>

                                  <option value="11:00 PM">11:00 PM</option>

                                  <option value="11:30 PM">11:30 PM</option>