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    CF10 Debugging

    Charles Sherman

      Hi. Did a search and didn't see anyone else commenting on the CF10 debugger so it may just be me.


      I just installed CF10 and turned the debugging on and two things are driving me crazy.


      1) The error message overlay block some of the information.


      2) I'm not getting the detailed information I used to get - and yes I have turned it all on in the Debug Output Settings. What I get now is a message saying that the highlest level object encountered an error and in CF9 I would get the details - line # etc of where the error was actually encountered. So lets say I call a CFC and the error happens in one of the CFC's functions, the message I get back says that the template calling the CFC encountered an error. Before CF would output the entire chain of what object called what and show me the line in the CFC method where the error occured. I'm also not getting the the SQL that was run when excuting the SQL failed.


      If anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.