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    cf9 std license problems


      We've been running Coldfusion on Lunix using a jrun container for some time.  We have recently started using glassfish as the jvm container for coldfusion, and we immediately started getting licensing errors. 

      The admin console show the license number, but has reverted the edition to developer.

      If I try to enter the license via the console, it returns the error... "The serial number is not valid", which it is.


      I phone adobe for help, and they won't / can't.  Need to buy a support agreement from a reseller??  seriously?


      Anybody else run into this issue?  I see similar issues, but nothing that fixes the problem.

      I've looked at the license.properties file in the deployed glassfish version, and it appears to be ok, however there are some codes and encrypted data lines that I've no clue about.


      Any help would be apprieciated since this is a productino environment and this is causing alot of grief.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Unfortunately you can't use Standard with a different servlet container.

          Unfortunately you'll need to ditch Glassfish unless you go down the

          Enterprise license route (or use Railo/OpenBD).


          Also, there are a couple of items that don't work with Glassfish ... the

          only one I can remember offhand is Sandbox security.