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    "Archive" and "View" buttons don't work after folio update


      Hi all,

      I have a subscription to the professional edition and I have built a custom viewer app for Android. I have built about 10 folios and at first download all is ok, the folios are displayed without problems and the app works fine except for one issue: "Archive" button don't work, when I tap on it, near folio cover, nothing happens, the folio does not disappear from folios list.


      But the serious problem occurs when I perform a folio update from Folio Producer ('Update content' from adobe dashboard DPS): both "Archive" and "View" buttons stop working, nothig happens when I tap tap on them and I am forced to uninstall and reinstall the application on tablet (.apk file) to see folio changes in my custom viewer.

      This is very annoying as well as time expensive.


      Tablet is Samsun Galaxy Tab SII with Android 3.2.


      Any help is appreciated.