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    Can't install plug-ins Photoshop


      Can't install plug-ins (3rd party namely, Nik Creative Suite) in Photoshop Ext. CS6.  Anybody else?  They seem to install OK but when you go to use them, the program can't load them because it says that the filters are not where they are supposed to be?  I have just started this Creative Cloud deal.  I am a Photographer who relies heavily on having my tools readily available to me.  I am reading posts in the forums about widespread problems with authentication nags and repeatedly having to sign-in, etc.  I hope I have made the right decision!  If there are problems throughout this new process and will have to buy the new upgrades to Photoshop CS5, and other Adobe products and go back to owning them so I can rely on their functioning.  Has anybody solved the plug-in problem?