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    Spry Accordion – Not rendering properly in IE

    Dave McGregor

      I have created a website using dreamweaver's Spry Accordion element for navigation on the left hand side.


      It works fine in Safari, Firefox and Chrome but I just found out the other day that Internet Explorer (IE8) renders it differently so that none of the text is visible until you roll over it. Somehow IE seems to be rendering the colours differently, in this case black-on-black instead of white-on-black as it should be. On rollover it renders correctly and suddenly the accordion labels become visible, but this is not how it should be.

      Similarly when a selection is made the active panel label renders black-on-red instead of white-on-red. I'm not so concerned about this because at least it's readable.


      Here's the site: http://www.classifiedpages.co.nz


      I have tried adding some conditional code to the css which hasn't worked (possibly because I'm not doing it right or because that isn't the way to fix this problem).


      Any help would be appreciated.