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    Inline Element Styles not in DW HTML...

    Cammy Heggie

      I have been trying to use a jquery horizontal menu which I downloaded and have successfully implemented it into my dreamweaver page.


      But I want to adjust the width and height of the actual links <a> tags but the CSS will not allow me to do it


      I notice that when I view source in the browser there is a div class "holder horizontal" attached to each menu item, <a> tag and it has inline style for width and height - but it isn't in the HTML page.


      I've checked the jquery file and cannot find any sign of a width or height style for a "holder horizontal" div


      I want to know where these inline element styles are which are controlling the width and height of the menu so I can edit them...


      Please can someone help me with this as I have reached a brick wall and cannot get anywhere further…


      Many thanks in advance..