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    Menu Error with H264

    ExactImage Level 3

      I've been trying to get a BD master ready for several days and was seeing a major chapter menu problem (Encore CS6).


      The source file was BD H264 (via Media Encoder).  I'd do the usual drag the first chapter marker to a chapter menu, choose the chapter menu and create a chapter index.


      All entires in the chapter were fine EXCEPT the first ince that was clearly corrupted.  It's like it cycled very quickly through all the other chapter points (just a couple of frames of each) and then finaly settled back to chapter one.  It looked really odd (like it was runniong 20x speed).


      The source file plays perfectly, it's only the chapter menu that's the problem.


      I recreated everything from scratch TWICE and (right from exporting from Pr CS6 via Media Encoder) even created the project from scratch (using the same source files) on another PC and a Mac.  Same thing.


      Finally out of desperation I re-encoded the source file as MPEG2 instead ofH264 and voila!  No problems at all.


      In the end I had to go to 2 discs instead of 1 because the MPEG2 file is larger than the H264 (which is why I was using it in the first place).


      Has any one else come accross this problem before?

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          ram8kumar Level 3

          I am sorry but I didn't actually get your problem. You say that you created a chapter index.

          Was it Multipage chapter Index (this creates different pages of the same menu) or just the chapter index (this just duplicates the menu and does the linking)?


          When you say that the first chapter is corrupt with H264, does that mean it is not playing back correctly in Encore or this is the problem with the burnt disc?


          Please elaborate more on this problem.



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            ExactImage Level 3

            It's a simple create chapter index - where it replicates the chapter menu and links the back / next.


            It's the moving menu that's corrupt.  The video itself plays fine.  As soon as you render the menu in Encore you can see the problem, but it only happens on the very first chapter.


            It's like this on the disc too, so it's not an Encore playback problem - it's the menu render files that are wrong.

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              ram8kumar Level 3

              Could you paste a screen shot of the menu editor and the flowchart for me to understand the problem better.

              What navigation are you doing?

              By moving menu, do you mean that you have a motion menu?


              Actually I am not getting the "menu is corrupt on the first chapter" part. So some screenshot might help.