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      I am working on a fairly large file, a 220 page, image heavy, catalogue. I have done most of the troubleshooting tips, as the online research has suggested. This is at my work computer and was just upgraded to Windows 7 and use CS5.5. Everytime I export the catalogue to PDFs (in sections), Indesign crashes either during the export or right after the export. I am usually a Mac user, so if you have any tips for troubleshooting on this work PC, please use newbie language.


      I tried to export to IDML but it freezes and does not fully complete the export. When I force quit Indesign, reopen Indesign and open the IDML file, it eventually opens it, but the paragraph styles are not set. I am thinking that the export to IDML doesn't complete, which is why the styles don't export?


      I continiously crash, so don't know if I automatically just ignore the crash reports, but I am almost positive that I don't get that crash report option. Maybe because I am on a network? If I do receive the option to attain a crash report, where do I sent it to?