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    Exporting Proto document to PDF on iPad?

    Super Nemo Community Member

      Hi All,


      I have been using Microsoft Visio on PC for wireframes. The reason for me to buy Adobe Proto is so that I can work on some simple wireframe concepts without the need of a PC. I intend to export the Adobe Proto document that I created on the iPad to PDF and then share it with my team mates. However I didn't see anyway I can do so within the app itself which is a bit disappointed.


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advanced.

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          mjarrott Adobe Employee

          Proto files will not export to .pdf format. Currently, the preview of your proto file on the creative cloud website will only show a static image of the first page without any interactive ability and cannot cycle through multiple pages. The best solution right now is to show them in person - on your iPad - the wireframe that you've created, though I understand that may not be possible in all cases.