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    Log Files not deleting for Successful jobs


      We are running Distiller Server 8.1 on a Windows 2003 Server, using a Watched Folder and a folder.joboptions file to convert our Postscript Files.  If the PostScript File was created with a driver that produces a PS-Adobe 3.0 file, Distiller Server will successfully convert the file, but will not delete the .LOG file it creates. "Delete Log Files for Successful jobs" is checked under File>Preferences in the Distiller Server settings. Also if we use a driver that produces a PS-Adobe 3.1 postscript file, the .LOG file automatically deletes like its supposed to. Am I missing a setting or something? Or is there something different with the 3.0 file, that is causing Distiller Server to see it as "unsuccessful"?  This is not an issue when we distill the same file using the "clientside" version, only the Server Version.



      Here is a sample of the output on the .LOG File for the 3.0 Files:


      %%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%

      %%[Page: 1]%%