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    App switching on Mac with more than one InDesign window open

    George Krompacky Level 1

      I wonder if this happens to everyone or if it's something with my set-up--to be precise, having Spaces active.


      In OS 10.6.8, if I have more than one InDesign document open and I switch to another application using command-tab, when I switch back to InDesign I (often) see the content of the inactive document, even though the name tab of the original, active document is highlighted.


      The only way to get back to work is to click the title tab of the (supposedly) active document, or use the command-tilde shortcut, or reselect the active document name from the Window menu.


      This drives me crazy as I need to check a lot of things via a browser as I'm editing. It forces me to make sure I don't have 2 ID windows open.


      I'm pretty sure the same kind of thing happens in Word.