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    Reformat Mag with Facing Pages for DPS

    SFS-DPS Level 1

      Hi all,


      I would like to find the best way to split a publication, doc set up with facing pages and auto numbering masters.


      I want to reformat for from 8.5x11 facing pages to ipad tall format single pages


      My best result so far has been to apply liquid layout to scale for all pages and masters. Then Change doc setup to Ipad (1024x768 tall). It reflows and scales like a dream (for the most part). Then I go to doc Setup again and unclick Facing pages. and all is still fairly ok. The issue is that the master page folios particularly the right hand folios do not move properly. and when I reapply a right hand master to a sigle page the it apply's the left folio instead???


      Any Ideas?


      Much Thanks.

      Steve S.