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    Frames in PSE 10 (autosize problem)

    Geoffrey J Brown

      Alright, so I've had PSE 7 for a few years and have been using frames as a way to make quick and easy print templates as well as blog storyboards.  It has been great and makes things really easy by automatically sizing the images to fit, etc.


      I just recently upgraded to an new iMac (from PC) and got PSE 10 along with it.  I am having some serious issues with the frame functionality, however.  When I drag a photo into the frame the picture is not shrunk down to a "best fit" within the frame.  Instead it is zoomed in decently far so that I have to scale it down about 2 and a half time to actually make it fit the way it did in PSE 7.


      I have watched demo videos on the functionality in PSE 8 and PSE 9 and they appear to function the same way that PSE 7 did for me for so long.


      So my question is, did something change from version 9 to version 10?  Is there some setting that I am missing?  Is this a bug?


      Help!  I have several years of templates built up for various things, and this is going to be a huuuge drain on productivity if this is just how it is.