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    HTML image scrolling

    cherishrose12344321 Level 1


         Im trying to create some pictures which scroll up the side of the website. I have a basic code but its not exactly how i want it!



      I would like the images to scroll up and not dispear so quick. I also want the images much bigger and a gap between each photo.

      Capture scrolling images.JPGThis how i would like it and i want it to scroll slowly.


      Here is the code i have came up with so far. It doesnt work at all. Any help will be useful




      <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up">
      <img src="gardenhouse.jpg" width="90" height="90">
      <img src="pool.jpg" width="90" height="90">
      <img src="barn.jpg"width="90" height="90">
      <img src="lightuphouse.jpg"width="90" height="90">