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    Is there anyhing odd with PDF and overlays?

    Gusgsm Level 2

      Hi, folks


      I have been building some overlays following the advice given in DPS tips (thanks, Bob) and the help. So far, so good. Nothing very particular or strange.


      But since this last weekend (23rd-24th June) or so, the overlays I include have started to act 'funny'. They are very simple things like scrollable frames and slideshows with static pictures (no videos or pan and zoom, nothing but pictures).


      First time I upload the folio everything is OK. The overlays scroll and do their duty perfectly, but after a while, when swipping and passing the pages... The scrollable content of a frame appears all of a sudden in the precedent page. It scrolls there and the nesting frame in the following is there but empty.


      If I make a tiny change and refresh the culprit article... everything is ok again. Until next random failure.


      Is it me? My way of working? Where? I am lost here.


      The folio is a PDF with horizontal swipping almost all of it. Just about 30 Mb and only three scrolling frames and one slidshow. I am in Windows7. Adobe suite is updated. DPS is: 12.24.20120611_m_691037 (


      Any idea, pretty please?




      Gustavo (posting from madrid, the oven of Europe)