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    How to open a native PDF file in Android using AIR?

    peterpan_cafuc Community Member

      Hello.I have created a flex mobile project to open and show a native PDF file in Android. I have tried three different methods below , but  I failed.


      1. I created a stagewebview and used "stageWebView.loadURL". I can see the PDF View in emulator but it didn't work in Android Pad (SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1). It showed blank screen.

      Note that I have installed AIR 3.3.


      stageWebView1.loadURL(new File(new File("app:/assets/ZUGH-2P.pdf").nativePath).url);


      2. I created a stagewebview and used stagewebview to load javascript. The javascript could run in emulator, but it didn't work in Android Pad. I failed again.


      stageWebView1.loadURL(new File(new File("app:/assets/JavaScripthtml.html").nativePath).url);


      3.  I imported stagewebviewbridge, which is the extended version of stagewebviewbridge. I created a stagewebviewbridge , but it could not run in emulator. I failed again.



      stageWebViewbridge1.loadLocalURL( "appfile:/assets/pdf.html");


      could any one give me some suggestions? Many thanks.