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    Edge problems

    tim.hughes Level 2

      Hi all


      I have an animation I made in edge - which works in Safari, Firefox and Chrome


      I have published to a folder named HTMLResources which resides in the stack I'm using it in.


      Inside my HTMLResources folder I have







      a folder called




      and my images folder



      So this all works a treat right?


      Except when I use the web content overlay - nothing happens!? I link it to the HTML file, and have tried literally every option I can think of, my folio is PDF set at 2048x1536 from a 1024 source doc


      I have a poster image, and transparency turned ON; user interaction turned OFF


      I have built serveral folios to make sure, rebuilt the animation 3 times, just to make sure - exported countless times, just to make sure... but alas I cannot figure it out


      one resolve is, when I made a completely blank page and added the animation, I loaded it up on the ipad and there was the little web loading icon, then it disappeared and nothing happened -


      Honestly guys, I'm stumped.


      I'm running V20 Tools with v21 builder panel, on V21 Viewer iPad 3 inDesign cs5..


      Please help I'm loosing the will!