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    Trouble logging in to desktop application



      I've been a user of Adobe story since the first couple of weeks of it's free trial a year back, but I'm having trouble logging into the desktop application now. Whenever I try to sign in, it gives me the "signing in..." window, but then the window closes and it leaves me on the first page with only two options "learn more" or "sign in."

      Another discussion thread told me to delete the "PrivateEncryptedDatak" keychain from the keychain access application, but that didn't help. I also tried deleting the files in the ELS of the AIR application library (aka just moving them so I could return them in case this didn't solve the problem), and that just prompted me to upgrade my account. After putting the files back into the ELS of the AIR application library, it didn't prompt me to upgrade my account but the previous problem remained.

      I was able to log into the desktop application about 2-3 weeks ago, no problem. I am still able to log onto the application through the browser without a problem either - except for that it doesn't have the changes I made to my scripts 2-3 weeks ago.


      Any help?