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    Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 doesn't work!!!

    Doctor180185 Level 1

      I have Adobe Flash player 10 on my computer, but in order to play certain videos - such as videos on facebook - I am prompted to upgrade to Flash player 11. I go to the Flash Player site and try to download the update. It seems to install properly, but afterwards Firefox won't show any videos or graphics at all! No youtube videos, no Googlemaps Streetview, nothing that uses Flash Player! All I get is blank screen!


      Now -


      I have just updated to Adobe Reader X. At first I could not do this as I kept getting a message saying "could not find the file specified" but I have managed to solve this issue now - it seems. However, I have heard tell of a problem that Mozilla Firefox has with either Flash or Reader. Something to do with either program running on Firefox 32-bit?? Is this true?


      I need help in solving this problem so I can run both Adobe Reader X and the new Adobe Flash 11 on Firefox with no problems.