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    Subscription Alertert

    craigget1 Level 1

      A few months before the creative Cloud was announced I signed up for subscriptions for both Photoshop Extended and Dreamweaver. Then I received an email from Adobe that my Photoshop Extended Subscription would be converted to the Creative Cloud and I would only be charged $29.00. Sure enough that happened without a hiccup.


      I figured that my Dreamweaver Subscription would be discounted. So about a week after Creative Cloud was released I check my subscriptions and sure enough Dreamweaver was no longer listed. I figured great everything has worked out fine.


      Then I received last months credit card bill and noticed that I had been charged for Dreamweaver and this month I receive an email notice from Adobe that I was being charged again this month for Dreamweaver.  I went online and check my subscriptions and to my astonishment not only was I being charged for Dreamweaver but also as of two months ago Adobe had renewed my subscription for Dreamweaver for another year. Note my original yearly subscription was not even close to coming do.


      I am sure I can get this corrected with Adobe and when I have more time I will contact them about this but I thought I would post this to give a heads up to others who might find themselves in the same situation and not even realize what is happening.