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    After uninstall of CS2 Acrobat pro 7 wants to reinstall

    ssnnil Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Recently I puchased PS5 and uninstalled the antique CS2 with Acrobat Pro 7, to install the new PS as I was hardly using anything more than PS.


      PS5 is working fine but each time I go into the Windows Explorer, Acrobat wants to reinstall and then tells me he cannot find AcroPro.msi - which is quite logical as it has been uninstalled. I have to click it away a few times before I can get into my documents, my pictures or anything else and by now it is driving me creazy!


      I already spent a few hours in Windows Explorer and then in the registry, manually looking for all the things left behind there hoping that might help. The good news is that my computer is a lot faster now. The bad news is that Acrobat still comes up with that window wanting to reinstall. Somehow it got stuck to the Windows installer and won't let go...


      Can someone please, please advise me how I can get rid of it? And no, I do not want to reinstall it as I just have no use for it...


      Thanks in advance and grts