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    compatibility issue

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      Hi there,


      I'm new here. I have questions about the SDK compatibility. I am going to build a custom connector for our DAM server. I see the adobe drive 3.x is for CS5 and CS5.5, and adobe drive 4 is for CS6, so here are the questions: do I need to build the connector separately? like one for CS5 and CS5.5 using SDK 3 and one for CS6 using SDK 4. Or if I build a connector using the latest SDK, would it work for older version CS.





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          Gang_Z Level 2



          To clarify:


          1) if the connector is built with the SDK 3, it works for Drive 4, one exception, if the connector implement custom Flash UI, it doesn't work for Drive 4.


          2) if the connector is built with the SDK 4, it doesn't work for Drive 3. Drive 3 is using Java 1.5, Drive 4 is using Java 1.6