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    Rescaling Project containing Video Demo


      I am trying to rescale a project which contains a video demo - I don't want it to resize so am choosing the option to keep same size and position but it rescales regardless.  Seems to work ok when there are just text and images but not video?  Am I missing something simple or is this a bug?

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          mvlele Level 3



          It should work correctly. We did a quick check and it seemed fine. This is what we tried.

          - Create a 1024x768 blank project.

          - Create a video demo recording. Thus a video demo slide gets created

          - Go to "modify >reacale project"

          - Increase the dimensions to 120%. Do not rescale objects and align them to center.


          Result: In this case, all objects, including video wont scale.


          Even if you select "reacale objects" to higher size, still Captivate does not rescale the video object. This is as designed because, rescaling a video object will lose its quality.


          Let us know if you have observed a different behavior. Also let usknow the steps you followed.




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            rois_taylor Level 1

            Thanks for replying.  I have tried again on another project and followed the same steps as you have outlined and in my case the video resizes even though I have set it not to.  I think the issue is that captivate is automatically making the video a background rather than an object on the slide so it is therefore changing the sizing - I can't see anywhere to change this setting.

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              rois_taylor Level 1

              I've done some more testing and realised that if I simply increase the project size after recording it works fine but what I am trying to achieve is reducing the size (including video) and then make bigger without scaling so that I have blank space round the video.  Basically I am capturing content from a mobile phone which displays on screen using mirroring - the application on screen is a set size so I have to record at that but I then want to make it smaller and have space around it so I can insert a image frame around the recording.