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    Saving PDF from Flash

    FlashTapper Level 1

      Just wondering if I can make a PDF file from data within my Flash application, using a native function say like the prinjob or do I have to utilise a third party application like AlivePDF. I have used printjob before to send flash files to printer but this time i want flash to make a PDF file specifically. Would love a native Flash solution for this, don't really like mucking about with third party components, plugins and API.


      Any help or assistance would be quite welcome.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can use printjob if the user has something like doPDF.  othwerwise, you can use alivepddf but i found using server-side fpdf is better.

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            FlashTapper Level 1

            Thanks for your help. Yeah i have used print job before and assumed the user has a pdf print driver installed. This works well for people who are competent computer users - problem is my target group will be primary and highshcool teachers/educators (can't assume they will all have a sound level of computer proficiency).


            SO might have to play with those 3rd party add ins. so is fpdf easier to implement? Would it be as easy to set up as printjob? I just don't want to spend an extra day of coding just to get this function. If it takes too much time I'd just stick with the printjob method and hope the teacher knows how to 'print' pdfs...

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              fpdf is php code so your app would need to run on a server.  will it?


              also, the last time i checked alivepdf it had been neglected for a while and didn't seem to have many features.  that was version and thibault's now on version 0.1.5 so i may be selling it short.


              after checking his comments about 0.1.5 i think i would give that another chance before using fpdf.  (and, if you're not running your app on a server, you won't be able to use fpdf, anyway.)

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                FlashTapper Level 1

                Yes it will be on a server but a very restricted .edu server so I don't think I even want to entertain the thought of using fpdf for this job.

                Right now, just explained to client to that we will be using printjob and relying on user to have PDF driver. All of the education department's computers in my state in Australia (QLD) are using a Managed Operating System (MOE) that has the PDF printer driver installed.


                Just put some good instructions on the flash app and left it at that. When I have some more time would be interseted to check out Alive PDF.


                Thanks for all your help!

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  you're welcome.

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                    If you want to save PDF from Flash, you can use a PDF to flash flipbook maker to do. you can import your PDF file into a flash page flipping book and then publish for Web, Mac, Mobile devices, CD, or Zip for Email.

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                      FlashTapper Level 1

                      Not sure if you are touting for the flipbook company or just did not read my original post - I'll assume both.

                      I'm not looking to convert PDF to flash - that's a no brainer task that does not require me to purchase a software solution - I'm not looking to make a wal mart flipbook catalogue.

                      I was looking for a solution to export the results of my flash interaction (i.e. quiz/game) to PDF. In the end i just used printjob method.

                      All good