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    Is it easy to get text documents into AE CS5?

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I have 4 PreComps that are simply a text layer of fixed size and position and 2 colours. The bottom line is always white, the others are a colour.


      The required text will be sent to me and I will be constantly changing these 4 PreComps and rendering out the finals.


      I was wondering if it's possible or worth it to import the text from a file rather than type it in.


      After a search it looks like AE can only import text from PS? We do have PS but I know little about it. I'm happy to use it in the work flow though if it's easy and quick.


      So is there any way to do this? I mention the colour etc as I know some character generators can import text files, automatically fitting individual paragraphs into templates.


      Any thoughts?