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    View count lost after maintenance

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I noticed that after the maintenance of yesterday, the view counts of threads are often way off.


      Before the maintenance I had several articles that were viewed 40K+ and 24K+ times that now show only something like 311 and 257 times. The funny thing is that the number of replies seem OK.


      Where have all those views gone and more importantly, when will they be corrected? Especially newbies on these fora start by reading the most popular discussions and number of views is a good indicator, so this is something that needs attention.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I had not noticed that, but did see some oddities with Replies, such as the main forum page showing that ____ had Replied ____ mins. ago, but that Reply did not show immediately, when one viewed the thread. I'd go back to the main page (not via the Back function), see the same last Reply, but the thread would be (Updated), and on second viewing the Reply would appear - just a lag of a few minutes between the notice on the main page, and the display on the thread's page.


          I also saw some rather strange time/date info for Replies, and at one point, my Profile reset to Date Joined: 2010, from the already incorrect 2002.


          Seems that much of that has sorted itself out.


          Jacob had posted of a thread in the AI forum, that had 300,000+ Views, and was growing exponentially. I need to see how it is progressing, after the maintenance. I fear that it might reach critical mass at some point, and who knows what will happen then?


          There are other oddities in a few posts, where the Date/Time of the OP is present day, but all the Replies, including Correct & Helpful show 2 - 3 years ago?



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            Niall O'Donovan Level 7

            What I have noticed, is that if I go into a thread and then go back to the Discussion page, the count goes up by 2 and not 1.


            I have tried this on old threads that are off the initial page, so it is unlikely that someone else has looked at it at the same time.




            Update: it happens in Google Chrome Version 20.0.1132.43 beta for Mac OS 10.6, but not for IE9 Windows Vista. 

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              The 'View count' loss is not consistent. My article 'Generic Guideline ...' still shows 70 K+ views, my article 'What PC ...' went from 40 K+ views to now 500+ views, even though it has been in the most popular discussions list steadily for the last couple of months.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I just browsed the Premiere Elements Tips & Tricks Forum (a repository for How To articles), that is kept pretty clean of general posting. While I have not payed much attention to View Counts, just looking at the first 4 pages (mostly my articles), they look about right. There are some with not THAT many Views, but the more popular, and general ones, show from about 1K to 4K Views. I cannot say that any have changed negatively, but can say that they are about what I would expect. Will keep an eye on that, and report if any of the older and more popular ones decline.


                Good luck, and will try to monitor better,