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    Will a future Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP be part of Creative Cloud?


      Hello and thank you for your help.


      "Flash Builder 4.6 Premium" is one of the applications available with Adobe Creative Cloud. I also notice the existence of "Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP" and that it is not part of Creative Cloud.


      1. Will a future release of "Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP" be part of Creative Cloud?


      2. If so, is there an idea of when? I read somewhere that Adobe is alternating releases.


      3. If not or if not available soon, what does it take now, if possible, to basically make the "Flash Builder 4.6 Premium" edition have the features of "Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP" -- e.g., Eclipse plugins, etc.?


      Thank you, so very much, for your time and expertise!