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    InDesign Packaging "Can't copy links"

    justgeig Level 1

      What would be possible causes of the "Can't copy links" error when trying to package in InDesign 7.0.4 on Windows 7. The links are located on various network drives. This setup has worked for many years but we recently moved our entire file structure from an aging Windows server to a new Network Attached Storage device. It's obvious that is the cause of the trouble but I've exhausted my knowledge.


      What I've done so far:

      • Double and triple checked the permissions on the NAS (I have all read/write permissions)
      • Packaging old and new documents
      • Copying all links to a new location using that function in the Links panel (same error occurs)


      My only solution so far has been to embed all the links, package the file, then unembed them into the links folder in the packaged folder. Not a great solution considering how it takes about 30 minutes to copy the necessary ~1GB of links twice.'