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    use.typekit.com, p.typekit.net

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I see that now the forum software loads a number of things from the domains I named in the subject. 




      The URLs are funky to say the least, and some of the things the forum software is trying to load appear to be executables (application/octet-stream).


      I don't allow executables to run from sites I haven't explicitly added to my Trusted Sites list, and frankly I don't know typekit.com from Adam.  They have Adobe's logo on their site, but...  ???


      I assume this is Adobe software, but I'm hesitant to trust a domain I've not heard of before now, especially one that purports to fool with my fonts using executables.


      I'm not saying I can't see the forum without allowing Typekit to run - frankly it looks reasonable save for words in italics running into the following words.


      While I'm at it, what is adobetag.com?  Some Javascript is being brought in from there as well.


      It's kind of ridiculous how many different sites/domains a single forum page accesses.