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    How does setFocus() method work in AS3?

    FlashTapper Level 1

      Hi everyone. I will try to keep this as simple as i can.


      I'm trying to use the setFocus method for highlighting the default text in a text input field.

      So bascially when user clicks on that text field - the text is highlighted and they can type over it. Currently have about 16 text fields with something akin to 'insert text here' as a prompt for our lower ICT demographic of users and it's a bit tedious to expect the user to highlight the text in each field and then type over it.


      Can be performed awesomly if you tab through the text fields but I would not expect many users to use this method.


      I've looked around on the net for solutions to this using as3 but I haven't found anything that has worked for me. I'd be very grateful for a suggestion or a point in the right direction....