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    FMS 4.5 and Flash Player 11 broadcasting H264 incompatible?


      I'm using FMS 4.5 to record a live stream with H264 encoding. The broadcaster is  Flash Player 11. The resulting MP4 file has video but no audio. I have spent a couple of days trying to figure this one out but it simply doesn't work properly. Could it be possible the audio encoders (Nellymoser and Speex) for Microphone object in Flash Player 11 are not compatible with MP4 container?


      Here are some of my findings:


      1) If I broadcast without H264 encoding, the resulting FLV file is correct and has both audio and video.

      2) If I broadcast using H264 encoding, the resulting F4V/MP4 file has video but no audio.

      3) If I record an FLV file with H264 encoding, the resulting file has audio but no video.


      I understand that FLV container doesn't allow H264 encoding. But why does the MP4 container outputs with no audio after F4VPP post-processing?


      Is there any other alternative solution to this problem? I'll really appreciate some help with this one.