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    Having trouble using custom image buttons for quizzes, with the Object Style Manager


      I think I've found a bug. I tried to use the Object Style Manager (OSM) to set my own buttons (complete with hoverstates) for quizzes and apply them throughout my course, but one button applies to all. (I've tried this in my own project and in a brand new one so far.)


      In the OSM, I selected Quizzing Objects, and then Buttons, and then Skip. I seleted "Image Button from the drop-down menu, browsed for my Skip button and applied. It applied to all of the buttons on the quiz slide. So even though they may perform differently, they have the wrong image attached.


      Does anyone know what might be happening and/or how to fix? Or is this really just a bug?




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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Kate,

          That bug is there since a while, I already reported it, but has not been solved. All Quiz buttons will always take the Default Quiz Button Style, or eventually the Skip style. No way to change this before.  Trying again to get some information when this will be solved.


          OK, just played a little while more and found finally the correct work flow. Will try to explain work flow in OSM:


          • Normally all buttons on the Question slides have the same style 'Default Quiz Button Style'; I left it that way
          • Selected the Skip button, Cloned the Default Quiz Button Style it is using and renamed it to 'MySkip'
          • Marked the option 'Set as Default'
          • I choose Image button and indicated the button I wanted to use
          • This I repeated for all the buttons I want to use


          When inserting Question slides, I get the proper buttons, sometimes I need to rescale them but with the small curved arrow on top of the Transform accordion this is easily propagated to the other buttons in the project file. I couldn't find out how to keep the original size of the buttons, if I find out will let you know.





          BTW: the overall Default Quiz Button Style will now appear with Set as Default unchecked