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    Layers, exporting, colour selection and using Kuler ASEs

    coinopbear Community Member

      Why haven't Android users got access to multiple drawing layers, exporting to other file formats than .idea and a colour selection tool yet? Why is the Android version so behind when it comes to these features not just compared to the iOS version but competing software? This is very frustrating as a customer who paid a premium price for an app that is severely low on features. It would be very nice to know that Adobe didn't just take my money and the money of other people who have similar complaints and run with it while sucking up to Apple. I would love to be able to present my artwork created with Ideas on the facebook group and share great experiences with the application but until these things are rectified I'm being left out.


      Also, why is it Ideas cannot import ASE files from Kuler? That would actually be a useful feature but it doesn't work. All I get is a strip of white when I try.