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    Two Single Editions for iPad 1&2 and iPad 3?

    BobLevine Legend

      Now that the iPad 3 has been out there for a little bit, I'm wondering if anyone has successfully created separate SINGLE EDITION apps for it along with the earlier versions. I'd be curious to hear what others are doing at this point. This is not about renditions with subscription / multi-folio apps.


      There's no right or wrong answer here. Just trying to get a discussion going.



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          Johannes Eckert Champion

          although there are a few reasons not to this, I saw a few publishers doing

          exactly that AND getting away with it in the App Store.


          here is an example of a german book preview:






          notice the "HD" suffix in the iPad3 title.


          I think mobly was trying this as well, did you have any success?


          here are my main two reasons against doing that:

          — marketing: two app and two destinations to send people to. it's hard to

          impossible to do this right.

          — no native restriction: people WILL download the "HD" version a lot more

          because they want the best and beautiful experience, and there will be bad

          reviews due to crash on iPad1.



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            Casey Jensen Pioneer

            Johannes nailed my thoughts. Since you cannot restrict the app to a specific device (as far as I'm aware), the development team will build the app as though it will only be downloaded on an iPad3. In reality, however, many iPad1 users will download it, and then have a crappy experience.

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              BobLevine Legend

              Thanks for the comments and please keep them coming.




              Pretty much confirms what I was thinking but I’ll be curious to see what others have decided on.





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                Leonide Principe

                Sorry, I do a mistake creating a new post, when in reality I would participate to this discussion.


                My original post:


                Yes, I am deciding what to do. I am surprised to read that iPad 1 & 2 will be able to download the iPad 3 version. SureI have not published not yet but it seems to that a true iPad 3 app can be downloaded just on iPad 3. At least, the Adobe Viewer app don't show the iPad 3 version on ipad 1. I am viewing this version only on ipad 3.

                Are you sure that ipad 1&2 can download an ipad 3 version built on 2048x 1536 layout?


                And Bob Levine answer:


                Absent a 1024x768 version, yes.

                This of course is in regard to subscription based apps, not single edition.



                My new reply:


                Off course I am speaking about Single Edition. Because I publish books is more appropriate and viable for me.

                But, how can an ipad1&2 user open a 2048x1536 app?

                I suppose that this configuration is done at Apple Dev level, not at Adobe workflow...

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                  Casey Jensen Pioneer

                  The viewer scales the content down. We've published 2048x1536 folios/single-edition apps (A Tase of Montreal is an example), with a note that they're best viewed/experienced on the new iPad(3). Users can still download it on the older devices, and we had to make a couple of sacrifices to minimize crashing and better the experience, presuming many would.

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                    Leonide Principe Newcomer

                    Thanks for this advise, I need to change all my strategy.

                    Need to back to the previous idea to do just one app?

                    Fortunately the new PDF format can help.

                    I checked this format to both resolutions on ipad 3 and, regarding text as well as lighter files it works very fine.

                    But on images side, all graphics will be scaled down to 1024x768.

                    I just finished the hard job to scale up all images (up to 500) and it is hard to back to the old version and lost the beautiful sharpest view of Retina.

                    Here is a very big dilemma. What to do? Go to Professional? Please no, it is too much expensive.

                    What to do? I solved the text issue, but on the image side I have the same strong need because at last is a photographic book.

                    Somebody can tell me why National Geographic Mag can be opened on iPad 3 with a modeste file size of around 300 MB?

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                      Casey Jensen Pioneer

                      It really just has to do with the number, type, and format of interactives. Since NatGeo usually uses 0-2 image sequences and ~3 videos, they can keep the file size relatively low. With issues that contain a large number of image sequences (May 2012 Issue, as an example), the file size is a bit larger.

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                        mobly Pioneer

                        Yes a dilemma, for sure. I havent gone iPad retina screen yet for the reasons Johannes points out, however I have another problem, if I go multi-issue; what to do with my single issue versions that are already in the App Store?


                        We really need a single issue solution to this, but as Adobe won't make money out of it, can we blame them if they dont put too much effort into the solution? dunno!


                        I'm still tempted to create 2 single editions SD and HD, and just put a highly visible message in the description stating HD App. But thinking about this, surely it is very simple to make the HD version "invisible" to iPad1&2 I mean the ipad apps are not visible on an iPhone are they?


                        Fingers crossed!

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                          So am I right that there is no possibility to create one "Single Edition" for iPad 1&2 and iPad 3?

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                            BobLevine Legend

                            Depends on what you mean. There is no need to create separate apps. Use PDF and the new features in version 23 to create vector based overlays.



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                              Neil Enns - Adobe Mythic

                              And the "HD" folio method for adding HD assets to the overlays where you need it (pan and zoom, video and audio controller buttons).



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                                Leonide Principe Newcomer

                                Yes worked around a lot on this question!

                                My app is now published and I really like the way I do.

                                The app is a photographic with up 500 photographs, most part of them in full screen

                                They are in 1024x768 resolution with the zooming disabled.

                                It looks fine on iPad 3, much more because of the sharp PDF text.

                                And it works fine in ipad 1 and 2, because the file is not so huge.

                                With all the enthusiam of the Retina I started with 2048x1536 resolution,

                                but I reached the size og 2Gb.

                                Then I created a new layout in Indesign CS6 (formidable feature!) with the half resolution,

                                and my app file dropped to around 500 Mb.


                                Because overlays are not downsized I do the manual job to decrease them.

                                But if I understand it is not needed anymore because the version 23 apply PDF format on overlay too.

                                Am I correct?


                                My only doubt is if downsizing images in the background I am losting sharpness.

                                I mean if I need to resize all my images to 1024x768 resolution, or the final size that will not be modified during the workflow.


                                Here the link of the App


                                I appreciate any input

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                                  Martin Lér Pioneer

                                  During our test we were so far not very excited with PDF perfomance on iPad 3. Please, can you share your experiences with PDF SD/HD folio on iPad 3?

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                                    Leonide Principe Newcomer

                                    What you mean for PDF performance? From image side or from text?

                                    I done a 1024x768 folio and it works fine on all iPads.

                                    Sure is a compromise, but we really have other options if we wish to avoid the production of two different resolution folios?

                                    I am speaking just of Single Edition, the poor brother of the family. It seems that Adobe chosen to maintain it less emancipated, surely to force upgrade.

                                    But this is another question. If I have the pre-requisite that prevent me to create two different app, I have no choice.

                                    One single app compatible with all iPads and this includes too the new iPad Mini.

                                    A professional can say that I am losting the beauty of Retina Display.

                                    Not at all. "Normal people"  on new iPad will not be questioning the sharpness of image, because the difference is not so evident.

                                    Sure you need to disable the zoom option before to publish the app. Including National Geographic do that, and because of small file I can suppose that they too work at lower resolution.

                                    Because I am publishing a photographic app, I design for images as big As I can, allowing to enjoy photographs without the need to zoom. If I place a small image I can add an Expand icon and show it in full screen.


                                    But the big advantage of this system is not only a single app, the file size came to decision if you think that I dropped my file size from 2gb to 500 mb. Yes, even the new iPad with this gorgeous display is not so ready to open such big file from the RAM side as well as from the storage side.

                                    I have around 500 images in my app, 2 movies and some time-lapse, and lowered my app to a reasonable 500 Mb.


                                    Another positive factor is that my text looks sharp, and this is where the PDF option came. Even this advantage don't happens when texts are places into overlay, which are rasterized and lost the vectorial elasticity.


                                    I am previewing on both iPad 1 and new iPad, and believe me, the Retina one is much much better. I am happy because the new Mini will be displays with no more modification.


                                    I created my design with the 2048x1536 size and then I create Alternate layouts to meet my needs. Create a 1024x768 layout is just a click. Creating for Android device requires a little bit more concentration, but is not a big job.

                                    Everything I say above is the job to publish my actual app. But things change very quickly: I need now a small time to study again the news. The v.23 is full of new features and maybe the game will be changed. Let's go!



                                    Ok, if something don't sound clear, let's me know, I will try again.