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    Text Changes


      I'm building an Affect Effects composition from 10 +/- psd files.

      I have 4 golf balls flying out of the sky on to the grass...looks good and works good.


      I want to add different text to each of the 4 balls. I put the text on the first ball, no problem.


      When I add the second ball and put the text on it the text on the first ball changes to the text I added to the second ball.


      I want different text on all 4 balls. How is this done?


      I will appreciate any help I can get.




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          Mylenium Legend

          Sounds liek your ball is actually a pre-comp and you're changing the text in there. Consequently, this would ripple through all the instances where the same pre-comp is used. You need to duplicate the pre-comp in the project window, so it becomes a separate entity and then replace the balls with different text with those duplicates.



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            Rick Gerard Mythic

            I'm assuming you are creating the balls with CC Sphere applied to a pre-comp with a golf ball texture and a text layer. The trick is to use a different pre-comp for each of the golf balls. Everything in AE is dynamic and non destructive to the original footage. Using the same layer again and again as a texture works because all 4 balls point to the same texture. You'll just have to make sure that you have 4 copies of the texture and text layer for each of the balls.


            Hope that makes sense.

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              13806 Newcomer

              Thanks for the response.


              The balls were not created in AE but are images from the web converted to psd files, text added in PS, and brought into AE.


              Can a pre-comp be undone or do I have to start from the beginnng?



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                13806 Newcomer

                Thanks for the response.


                You are correct. Ball 1 was pre-comped. Can a pre-comp be undo or do I have to start from the beginning?



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                  Rick Gerard Mythic

                  Just duplicate your precomp