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    A link issue, conflict between hyperlink and textframe

    EelcoNL Level 1

      Hi all,


      I noticed some unpredictable behavior after creating a normal textual hyperlink in a textframe. Although the link appeared ok when previewing (both in Muse preview mode, as in a preview browser (Chrome)) it had suddenly changed its state when I was about to click it. After some puzzled attempts I noticed that the hyperlink changes into the 'hover' state once the mouse is over the textframe which contains the link, and not the link itself. When I click the link the behavior is as predicted, but moving off the textframe, and re-entering gives the same effect. Somehow the textframe catches the mouseover event, in stead of the link. Is there a way to disable this behavior, and target the hyperlink in stead? Many thanks in advance. (I searched for this issue in the forum, and encountered similar issues with menus, but not with textframes, if I overlooked an answer, my apologies in advance.

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          jgrummel Adobe Employee

          I've also noticed that the states seem to be a bit buggy. What exactly are you trying to do? To change the 'hover' effect of a hyperlink, you should create a specific link style, and apply it to that hyperlink. I'm not sure if that's what you mean.



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            EelcoNL Level 1

            Hi Julia,


            Thanks for chiming in. I shall describe the issue as clearly as I can (being not a native English speaker). When I create a hyperlink on a word in a text-field (e.g. after first having defined a new style in the hyperlink panel) and preview it in Muse, or a browser, then the link looks ok at first sight (e.g.my test style for the unactivated state is red and underlined). But as the mouse rolls over the text-field, the link changes into its 'hover'-state. So the text-field itself apparently catches the rollover, mouseover, or hover event and the link responds by changing its state. This is not how it ought to work, of course. When the mouse continues its course and hovers over the link itself, the pointer changes into a hand, which is as expected. From there on the states correspond with the events, its changes into the 'active'-state when I click, etc. But I can't find a way to make the link correctly respond to hovering over the text-field itself. Imagine an alinea, or paragraph, contained within a text-field, containing 5, or more links. If I hover over the text field itself, all the links change their state into 'hover' simultaneously. Cute, but incorrect. I hope this clarifies my issue. Thanks for the interest.



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              Abhishek Maurya Adobe Employee



              Apparently you have selected the text frame and applied the different states to that.

              In order to style a hyperlink you have to select the text and click on the Hyperlink option on the top bar and select the a text link style from there. If you have not previously defined that you can click on the Edit link styles and add the styles from there.


              Check this screen shot,




              Let me know if you need more clarification.



              Abhishek Maurya

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                EelcoNL Level 1

                Hi Abishek,


                Thanks for your suggestion. But I did proceed exactly as you describe in the above example. I randomly picked single words in a text-field containing ca. 300 words, and styled them with different hyperlink-styles I defined beforehand, as well as a few with the default style. I also made sure the text-field wasn't selected as a whole.


                After assigning the links, the randomly assigned links are visible in preview, but, as I recounted in my last post, as soon as the mouse crosses one of the borders of the text-field all the links within the text-field simultaneously change their state into their 'hover'-state. When I hover over the actual link, there is no change in appearance, but the mouse turns into a hand. If this were Flash, I would say that the text-field containing the link catches the event 'mouseover' and should be ignored, or propagated to the link, which is the child of the text-field. But it isn't. I guess that Muse generates a script that catches events on DIV's by default?


                Thanks for stepping in again. I hope my explanation clarifies the problem.




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                  Abhishek Maurya Adobe Employee



                  Please select the text frame and click on the states window and let me know what you see. It would be better if you can share a screen shot like this,





                  Abhishek Maurya

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                    EelcoNL Level 1

                    Hi Abhishek,


                    Yes, you did it again. I checked the states of the text-field (didn't discover this option until now), and found that the field itself somehow had states. Now I understand why the states of the hyperlinks were overruled. Assuming that these field-states can be removed I selected the uppermost state, and clicked the trash-can. The links behave normally now. Following your suggestion I post a couple of screenshots (it doesn't show the mouse position) of the unwanted situation, and of the corrected version:



                    Above: this is the default state with the links in the text field defined in 2 distinct styles, and the mouse somewhere off the field.



                    Above: this is the unwanted situation where the mouse enters the text-field without rolling over individual links, they jump into 'hover'.



                    Above, this is the wanted situation, the text-field has no states anymore, the mouse hovers over the text-field, and over the encircled link, which behaves accordingly.


                    Nifty, I now realise that there are many things you can easily overlook here ;-)


                    Thanks again Abhishek.


                    This thoughtful product support is as good as Adobe's customer support in general.


                    Next time I encounter unexpected issues, I will thoroughly check all possibilities.