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    storyboard in photoshop


      I'd like to import multiple images into timeline, rearrange and edit the images, then print the edited images directly from timeline. Is it possible to save and print all the files simultaneously or would I have to do this for each frame individually?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Don't think you can actually print an entire timeline. It may work to some degree for frame based animation, but I doubt you get predictable results for time based animation. And even frame based animation may be messy depending on what tools you used and how certain things may affect your layer visibility... Rather render it, then re-open the resulting images for printing...



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            If I wanted to do something like that. Instead of trying to use Photoshop cs6 Timeline palette. That I would use Photoshop scripting or a plug-in. Perhaps even use one shipped with photoshop.  Or a Plugin. The bridge could even get into the act.  For example you could have the bridge batch rename the images in a folder you wish to place on the story board. Rename would add the date and time to the file name and then photoshop plugin contact sheet II could produce the pages in the storyboard.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              If not too many images on a page, then load as layers, enlarge the canvas, and use the Move tool with Auto select.  Of do the same thing starting with Contact sheet, but turning off 'Flatern layers', and unchecking Titles.  Dragg in some Guides to help align, and it would not be such a hard job. 


              The problem with scripting is that you would need to set the order by using a number preset to the image titles, and you might want to move a few frames as well.


              Take a look at Premiere Pro CS6 which gives you access to OnLocation and Adobe Story


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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                Trevor.Dennis wrote:


                The problem with scripting is that you would need to set the order by using a number preset to the image titles, and you might want to move a few frames as well.


                He wanted to use a timeline for the images that is why I suggested to use the Bridge batch rename to add the data and time to the file names if you add the date and time as a file name prefix the should sort well..  One could also use the bridge to select the the images for the storyboard and order the images in the bridge then pass the files to the script using I beleive Bridge Talk.  I don't know for sure for I have never programed a script to be used from the bridge.  However Photoshop shipts with at least one script the is programmed to Process files selected in the bridge.  You can look at its name is Image Processor and the script code to get the files fron the bridge looks strait forward, but contains a Note I would have to investerate before using,


                // Function: GetFilesFromBridge

                // Usage: Use this to retrieve the current files from the Bridge application

                // Input: <none>

                // Return: arary of the current documents that have file paths

                // NOTE: I don't use this routine as I run differently only when called from

                // the Bridge, see photoshop.jsx


                function GetFilesFromBridge() {

                          var fileList;

                          if ( BridgeTalk.isRunning( "bridge" ) ) {

                                    var bt = new BridgeTalk();

                                    bt.target = "bridge";

                                    bt.body = "var theFiles = photoshop.getBridgeFileListForAutomateCommand();theFiles.toSource();";

                                    bt.onResult = function( inBT ) { fileList = eval( inBT.body ); }

                                    bt.onError = function( inBT ) { fileList = new Array(); }



                                    $.sleep( 100 );

                                    var timeOutAt = ( new Date() ).getTime() + 5000;

                                    var currentTime = ( new Date() ).getTime();

                                    while ( ( currentTime < timeOutAt ) && ( undefined == fileList ) ) {


                                              $.sleep( 100 );

                                              currentTime = ( new Date() ).getTime();



                          if ( undefined == fileList ) {

                                    fileList = new Array();


                          return fileList;