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    Encore asking foe Serial #

    74designer Level 1

      I have a creative cloud license but encore is asking for a serial nymber and will not launch.

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          Me too!  about 50 minutes age.  and I see that on the manager it's no longer there as an option to install.

          I have a DVD to get out this afternoon.  HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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            74designer Level 1

            Man... Just read my first post. I can't spell today.


            Extra info. I try to launch Encore and it wants a Premiere Family Serial #. However, I can launch and run Premiere and Audition - both part of the Premier Family. Encore is the only one throwing this at me.


            I burnt a DVD out of encore about 4 hours ago and have been using it and Audition for the last week with out an issue. Now it throws this up asking for a serial #. I have a client waiting for a disc too.


            Looking on the forum I have had the weird trial date window pop up even after I purchased creative cloud... but I can always hit the sign in button and the programs launch. I have never had this.



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              Steve Oakes



              I am also experiencing the same problem, installed CS6 Premiere Family yesterday and now I get random failures when asking to open Encore. All related to serial numbers either asking for a serial number or telling me the application will not run in trial mode....


              Fingers crossed for some advice but its not good when you rely on the SW for a business.


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                74designer Level 1

                Well.  20hrs later and Encore launches without a hitch. hmmm.

                Hope Robert and Steve have had luck too.

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                  rossdc Level 1

                  Was this problem ever solved?  My Encore CS6 is suddenly asking my for a SN, even though, as a download under my Creative Cloud Subscription, it had been working fine before.  The other Cloud apps all work as expected without a SN.  What's goin' on?

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                    74designer Level 1

                    For me it solved itself. When I posted the problem 2 others posted they had just had the same problem. Then I posted that mine resolved itself and no one posted any more. I'm assuming their issue resolved itself too - that is why no further posts. My thought is it was a glitch with the subscription. I get all kinds of crazy message when I launch my adobe programs. Stuff like "Your subscription has 31,457 days left. Please log in" or "Your trial is over. Please purchase Adobe Cloud". It always presents an activation button which signs me in and the software launches. From my point of view there seems to be a lot of bugs with Adobe's system keeping track of subscriptions. I feel that was probably the issue with Encore.


                    You may want to uninstall the Premiere Family and reinstall.


                    Best of luck to you.

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                      RobertJParsons Level 1

                      Hello. Yes it did work itself out, though I've not received any explanation.

                      My guess would be some crazy tech issue at their end, as I've had a few other issues subscription wise. Strange emails and such.


                      Robert Parsons

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                        74designer Level 1

                        Yep. Same here. I had an email that said there was a problem with my subscription expiring. But it kept working and Adobe keeps auto billing.

                        I also had an issue when InDesign launched and it gave an message that my trial was over and I need to purchase. This is 6 months after I had been using adobe cloud. I relaunched InDesign and it worked no problem.


                        The subscription thing makes me nervous when it comes to the day that my internet service down and adobe can't connect to double check that my subscription is good.

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                          rossdc Level 1

                          I had similar dialogs, 74designer -- the one with the expiration in 31,000-some days was funny.  Haven't had that one back lately, and the incidence of having to sign in each time seems to be lessening as well.  Why does this always happpen to us when we're on deadline??  ;-)  Thanx for the advice.

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                            rossdc Level 1

                            Well, my problem got solved.  I must have downloaded a trial Encore CS6, forgot I had, and when the trial expired, of course I had no SN.  I contacted Adobe Online about this "trouble with my Creative Cloud Sub," and the guy gently informed me that Encore is not, in fact, included in the Cloud membership.  That explains it..  Ha.  What a moron I am.  FYi to others.

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                              74designer Level 1

                              Not part of Creative Cloud? When I downloaded the "Premiere Family" from the Adobe Application Manager it loaded Premiere, Encore, Audition, and Media Encoder. That seems like it is part of Creative Cloud to me.

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                                rossdc Level 1

                                Yes, damn it -- proving I'm still a moron.  Obviously the kid in the chat center didn't know any better and I didn't clock in until after we rang off.  I'm now uninstalling everything in the PRPRO6 Fam and downloading and reinstalling it.  Good thing I'm not on a deadline!


                                Oh, wait ...

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                                  rossdc Level 1

                                     Looks like the fresh download is working without a hiccup -- so far!  Fingers crossed ... 


                                  Thanks for the sanity check, ~74.