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    Quiz button conundrum

    jay fresno Level 2

      In my quizzes, I don't want to have learners going back to previous quiz slides until they get to the Results slide. I also want them to answer every question and to not skip any questions.


      In the Results slide, they can click Review Quiz to go back to previous quiz slides.


      To prevent learners from navigating back to another quiz question while taking the quiz, I removed the playbar on the quiz slides.


      I would also like to remove the Skip button, but if I do, with the playbar hidden the learner has no way to navigate forward when they review the quiz. On the other hand, when they are answering the quiz questions, they are able to click the Skip button and not answer the question, even if Incomplete option is turned on.


      NOTE: This whole problem comes about because of a bug in Captivate. If a learner enters a quiz slide, without answering the question or clicking on Submitt they navigate to the previous slide, then they navigate back to that same quiz slide, Captivate acts as if the learner has already clicked Submit and the learner can no longer answer the question.