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    After Effects CS6: Cache and Reload Footage Problem

    adam@blueapplestudio Level 1

      After Effects CS6: Cache and Reload Footage Problem


      I am having trouble getting my footage to update in an AE project. 


      In an existing project, there is an image sequence in a composition.  I have saved and closed AE, modified the footage (same dimensions and qty. of frames, only the pixel data changes), and then re-launched AE and opened the project.  Though I have changed the footage, the old content still appears.


      To resolve this, I have done the following:


      Edit>Purge>All Memory

      Edit>Purge>Image Cache Memory

      Edit>Preferences>Media & Disk Cache>Empty Disk Cache

      Edit>Preferences>Media & Disk Cache>Clean Database & Cache

      From the Project window I've selected all footage and selected Reload


      None of these got the footage to update.  I could double-click on the footage in the project bin and scrub the play head and the old footage was still displayed.


      Finally I had to replace the footage with itself and that resolved the issue.


      If this is operator error, lack of understanding the cache functions, or something else, I'd appreciate some assistance. I don't recall this behavior in CS 5.5, so I am guessing this is a change in CS 6.


      Win 7 Pro 64bit Service Pack 1

      Intel Xeon CPU X5450 @ 3.00 GHz 2.99 GHz

      RAM 20 GB

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's probably one of those bugs that got just fixed with the 11.0.1 update released today... Apply the update, try the steps again and see if it works.



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            adam@blueapplestudio Level 1

            Thanks for the fast response.  Updating AE now, and will post more info if the problem persists.



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              anythingwilldo Level 1

              This issue is still there after the .01 update. I have to do all kinds of tricks everytime I need to refresh the comp, so frustrating.

              Is Adobe listening at all?

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                StevRo Level 2



                I tried your scenario and wasn't able to repro..  Here is what I did. 


                Iimported a DPX sequence (700 frames), into a comp.  Put the sequence on the timeline, closed/saved the project. 


                Selected four random files from the sequence, then opened the DPX files in photoshop.  Made changes then saved the files. 


                Opened up After effects, selected the saved project, select the image sequence, right click, reload footage


                When I scrubbed to the timeline the changes to the frames I modified showed up.


                Did you add anything different to this workflow?


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                  I've run into this problem a number of times.  And no, purging doesn't fix it.  There are certain attributes, that when changed, aren't recognized by AE (and its Render Engine) as a change that requires a new render.


                  I believe that in most instances (if not all) it was while using the plugin, "Trapcode: Particular".


                  I assigned the position of the emitter in Particular to a motion path on another layer that was was drawn using Motion Sketch.  I did a RAM preview and realized it needed to move faster.  I highlighted all position key frames in the motion path and alt(option) clicked on one end and dragged them closer together.


                  When scrubbing through the timeline after making the change, the Null object moved along the line properly, but the emitter in Particular did not.  It still moved as in the previous preview.  I had to change an attribute in the Particular effect that I knew wouldn't really have any effect on things in order to get it to make a new render.

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                    Raw Melon Level 1

                    Did anyone find a solution for this?


                    Having a bit of a wierd one with Illustrator layers. Purge Image Cache seems to have no effect on anything. Strangly, after reloading footage, nothing changes in either the project window or the timeline at full-res. Drop to half res and change has been updated. Back up to full res and reverts back to my pre-edited version!


                    I'm finding the whole CS6 memory cache/handling thing a little whack on my Mac, Lion (and same in Mountain Lion, I'm finding). Not convinced it's refreshing what I do entirely reliably.


                    UPDATE: it does refresh in full res, but only every couple of frames or so  :-(


                    UPDATE 2: Empty Disk Cache under preferences sorts the problem out so it's definitly some kind of caching bug.

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                      I am having this issue not only with Particular but also with Element. I have cleared cache and memory yet the issues still exists. I have even tried working the project and saving it to cs 5.5 then later brining it back into cs6 and the problem is still there. For the most part element is ok.  The first time I bring in my own jpeg that I made in photoshop it works fine as diffusion and bump maps, ect. If I then make changes to that layer back in photoshop discarding the old jpeg, then I go back to work on my cs6 comp, the old jpeg still pops up on my object even though that jpeg is been replaced. It sounds to me like it is more than a cache issue. Once the cache is cleared you would think that the old jpeg info would be gone, but it still pops up in the comp even after closing cs6, and rebooting the computer it still pulls the old jpeg info into the comp which is so very frustrating. It makes it very difficult to use my two favorite pluggins.

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                        I have encountered similar problems with assets not refreshing proplerly. (it doesn't happen all the time, but does occur occasionally)


                        Here is a workaround that has saved me several times in the past:

                        Change the filename of the revised asset (like put an 'X' or 'rev' at the end of the filename, then ask After Effects to 'replace footage' with the newly renamed item.


                        The fact that the filename is different seems to be enough to keep After Effects from remembering the old version.


                        Like I said, it's not really a solution, but hopefully this workaround will help someone if they're in a bind.


                        Good luck!

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                          I'm having this problem, still. And it's the AE CC!


                          When I create a new ae file and a new composition, it appears an existing image from another file in place of alpha. It appears on render and with Adobe dinamic link even.


                          Putting an image on the timeline, the "ghost image" disappears, but the frames that have all the frame with alpha, the ghost appears again.


                          My deadline is short, and I've lost 3 hours of work today with this bug.


                          Sorry about the english.

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                            Thanks guys.  This was helpful.  What worked for me was to just replace all the unlinked footage that was moved with the SAME footage in my new location.  so just choose replace footage then find your same clips and then relink.  Like reconnecting online footage in Final Cut Pro.

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                              I have the same problem.


                              I'd hoped to find an answer on the forums but nothing


                              Let me know if you find out how to fix it


                              - TGFX

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                                I am also having this issue in CS6.  I am working with image sequences rendered from 3ds Max.  After rendering an updated sequence it is not showing up in AE.  Even rendering the footage in Media Encoder shows the old footage.    Sometimes a reload of the footage will work.  Other times I have to actually replace the footage.

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                                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                                  about Illustrator and Photoshop files in CS6 especially - you should work with Ctrl/Cmd+E (Edit Original).


                                  when in Ae and you want to change a source file, use this command on one of the layers

                                  from the source file you wish to change (doesn't matter if its in the timeline or project window) and

                                  your original software linked to that file will open.


                                  when you work this way you make AE reload that file and any change after that will be seen back in AE immediately.


                                  it is also very convenient way to work because there can be no confusion on which file you are on

                                  if you work with multiple source files for example.


                                  even if you made the change with your Photoshop/Illustrator opened file and got back to Ae

                                  and didn't see any change - press on one of the layers Ctrl/Cmd+E and this will refresh it immediately.


                                  This is the case in CS6.

                                  in CC I have noticed that any change I make is refreshed immediately in Ae as if it rechecks the changes all the time,

                                  and didn't even need to use Ctrl/Cmd+E but it's a good habit all the same.


                                  didn't come across a case where that didn't work for be but

                                  if all fails you could always change the folder location of the file, let Ae lose it, then replace footage of the file,

                                  and thus let Ae re-link it back.

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                                    kalamazandy Level 1

                                    I just thought I would add that I have the same problem. Maybe if enough people speak up, they'll actually do something about it. (I'm using current CC)


                                    I had this on a previous project and didn't think much of it since there was a lot going on.

                                    This is a brand new file with NO footage. I just created a composition and the same darn frame shows up. You can cover it up with anything at all.


                                    However, unlike some other users, I purged all, and it's fixed.

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                                      heinGuest Level 1


                                      This issue popped up my side as well.  Using After Effects CC 2014.


                                      Working with .ai sequence files, I couldn't edit/ tweak the artwork in Illustrator and jump back to AF after re-exporting and overwriting the sequence.  (Something that works fine if you have just one image to overwrite)


                                      This bug crashes my AF quite severely.  Firstly, the project window goes totally blank.  When I scroll up/ down in the project window, some items appear and disappear. The comp I'm working in, which houses the "changed" footage, also goes black, but refreshes every odd frame.  When I tried to save, it appears to be saving, but the asterisk stays active next to the filename - clear sign the project isn't saving.  This also corrupts the said file making it useless.


                                      My only option was to revert to a previous incremental save and redo the lost work.  However now, if I want to update/ tweak the sequence in illustrator, I need to save the project, shutdown AF, tweak the artwork and export, then re-launch AF.

                                      Footage updated and ready to go - but jeez, what a mission.  None of the purged options worked for me nor did the CMD+E. 


                                      I'll try renaming the artwork and replacing the footage as suggested above, but I fear this will screw with my head in terms of naming and remember where/ what was saved.  It should really be as easy as overwriting the sequence and, worst case, re-loading the footage - as is the case with static images.

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                                        Ivo Marinovic Level 1

                                        I think I've found the solution or what's causing the problem, at least in my case!

                                        I've exported multiple image sequence into one folder, and later imported them into AE all together choosing multiple image sequence. I created then one template composition, copied it multiple times and tried to replace footage with valid ones dragging them into their comp and replacing the one from the template holding ALT. But that didn't work. Whatever I did.

                                        SOLUTION: Moved footage into each separate folder (in explorer) and then imported them one after another and rest is all the usual!

                                        Hope I helped someone! Cheers!